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Annual Vaccinations

Yearly vaccines are important for your pets health. Here at EMAH we do yearly and puppy/kitten vaccine boosters.  There are several vaccines for your dog or cat, but when you speak to our doctor, you can learn which ones are required for you. IMPORTANT! All animals  in the City of Hamilton are required to have up to date rabies vaccines.  There is a fine associated if something happens and your cat or dog is NOT up to date on rabies vaccination. 

Basic Info about our vaccinations:


DAPPv (Distemper/Parvo Disease) Parvo Virusis still the #1 fatal and contagious preventable disease we vaccinate for. Symptoms include: vomiting, diarrhea, not eating, lethargic, bloody stool and foul smell. Unvaccinated dogs are at extreme risk when coming into contact with the virus. The virus lives in the enviroment, can be contracted through dog-to-dog contact and contact with infected bio waste. (CORE)

Bordetella (Kennel Cough) This is the only airborn disease that we can prevent. There are hundreds of different strands of upper respiratory disease that dogs can come into contact with. Vaccinating for kennel cough protects dogs who live in the city, go to human and dog parks. This vaccine is a must for grooming or boarding. Dogs who are not treated will infect others by being in the same area and enviorment, contact and contact with objects i.e grooming brush.  This vaccine can be given intranasal and injectably. (CORE)

Leptospirosis (Lepto) This is a vaccine that prevents one of the infections that comes from our wild life. Leptospirosis is transmited from raccoons, squirrels etc via their urine. Dogs who drink from standing water and puddles are most at risk. City or country, where there are wildlife, the bacteria can affect your dog. Dogs also infected with Lepto are contagious to people and to other dogs.  (OPTIONAL)

Lyme (Lyme) This vaccine is a vaccine that helps prevent the spread of lyme disease. With the recent Hamilton Spectator's article and the growing information, people are becoming familiar with the risks that their pet may be in. Ticks transmit Lyme disease and other diseases by being attached and taking a blood meal. We do offer tick identification service. Lyme disease can only be transmitted from ticks. Please note that ticks are living in city back yards and feilds, but Lyme disease in humans is 100% more critical than it is in pets. (OPTIONAL)


FVRCP (Feline upper respiratory/ calici/panluekemia) This is a series vaccines which kittens recieve at 8,12, 16 week vaccines. The upper repsiratory vaccines prevents against viral colds, ulcers, nasal diseases and generalized upper respiratory protection. This is a cat-to-cat contact virus as well as an airborne element. Introducing a new cat into your household may bring infections into your current household, so we always reccommend you have your kitten started on its vaccine series prior to entering the home. (CORE). Recently our clinic was at the for front in treating an outbreak of Feline Distemper disease outbreak in Hamilton.

Feline Leukemia (FELV) This vaccine prevents the spread of feline leukemia. This virus is very contagious and there is no cure. Cats spread this disease through contact with other cats, contact on an object and contact with the infected enviroment. Outside cats are most susepetable, and people who allow their cats to be indoor and outdoor need to be aware of the risks associated. FeLV completely shuts down the immue system and can be very painful. (OPTIONAL)

Rabies (Rabies) Pets, wildlife, people infected with rabies = 100% Death rate. There is no cure, only prevention! There is no reason to put your family at such risk when owning pets. This is why having your pet up to date on the rabies vaccination is a City by Law.  Even if you had your pet just vaccinated for rabies, EMAH is more than happy to have you come in. There is a 6 month quarantine period with bites associated with wild animals.  For the cost of the visit, it is not worth the cost of a life! (CORE)